starpickThe multiple award-winning¬†Soft¬†by Director Simon Ellis is nothing less than an education in short filmmaking. The story opens with a boy (Scott) being bullied by local hoodlums, but then escalates to an another level entirely as Scott’s father becomes involved and the pair find themselves under siege from an all too believable group of neighbourhood thugs. Soft

Throughout the 13 minute running time, there isn’t a moment of respite. Bursting with suspense, this is visceral, edge-of-your-seat stuff – and it’s realistic. You feel every blow, you experience the tension, fear and adrenaline along with the characters on screen.

A thrilling ride with a devastatingly powerful climax, Soft is a hard-hitting exploration of primal, raw fear, and masculinity itself. A brutal masterpiece which will leave you reeling.

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