Director: Kai Stänicke.
Director of Photography: Thomas Schneider
Music: Cold Star by Din A Tod (Out of Line Music)
Starring: Dieter Rita Scholl

Cold Star is a striking music video. Based in a public swimming pool, the action centres around two protagonists – a teenage boy who is at the pool with his friends, and an older transvestite (played by a memorable Dieter Rita Scholl – undoubtedly the star of this piece) who shows him something he has apparently not experienced before. Inspired by the crossing of boundaries in this unexpected encounter, the spirit of sexual experimentation affects nearly everyone else, and the video ends with a watery love-in.

Not everybody in the video is willingly part of this action – there are dissenters and disapproving faces – but the message seems to be that the liberation of shedding of barriers is more powerful than any prejudice.

However you may feel about the theme and content of this video, there’s no denying that it’s a captivating watch. The cinematography by DOP Thomas Schneider is superb, and the slow-motion footage works very well with the music, a catchy, pulsing electronic number by producer Din A Tod.

Cold Star has screened at scores of film festivals around the world and picked up several short film awards.