Aningaaq (2013)

Directed by Jonas Cuaron Aningaaq is a short film directed by Jonas Cuaron, son of Gravity director Alfonso Cuaron (father and son co-wrote the Gravity screenplay). Filmed on a budget of $100,000, Aningaaq is set in a Greenland fjord. Aningaaq was originally intended as a spinoff and extra for the Blu-ray DVD of Gravity. It shows us […]


Sight (2012)

Shortfilmweb Star Pick! Created by Eran May-raz and Daniel Lazo as a graduation project from the Bezaleal academy of arts. Starring Ori Golad and Deborah Aroshas. Sight is a short film about a date taking place in the future – a future where augmented reality is as much a part of daily life as breathing and eating. […]


Alive in Joberg (2006)

Created by Neill Blomkamp. Alive in Joberg is the short film that went on to be developed into an extremely successful and well-received feature, District 9. Set in a future Johannesberg, Alive in Joberg shows us a glimpse of the chaos and segregation caused by the immigration of an alien species (referred to in a […]