Director: Kai Stänicke. Director of Photography: Thomas Schneider Music: Cold Star by Din A Tod (Out of Line Music) Starring: Dieter Rita Scholl Cold Star is a striking music video. Based in a public swimming pool, the action centres around two protagonists – a teenage boy who is at the pool with his friends, and an […]

Beyond Good and Evil is the first of a trio of documentaries, Human, All Too Human, produced by the BBC. This documentary is about German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche and his gradual shift from religion to nihilism, and eventually, tragically, to insanity. Along the way we learn how he was influenced by Schopenhauer and Wagner, about […]

Writer & Director – Shae-Lee Shackleford Lucas, played by actor Sam Mac, is chronically addicted to social media. Facebooking is a permanent fixture in his life – as we see, status updating is his raison d’etre, appearing around him in bubbles like augmented reality – a nice CGI touch. When he awkwardly meets a girl […]