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Brown Paper Bag (2003)

May 26, 2014 0 drama

Written by Geoff Thompson
Directed by Michael Baig Clifford
Produced by Natasha Carlish

Brown Paper Bag follows Reggie, an alcoholic man who, despite attending an alcoholics’ support group, is in denial. While the other members of the group bare their souls, he refuses to admit he has a problem. “I’ve earned a drink”, is his justification to himself. A working man, he feels his habit amounts to little more than a well-deserved outlet to unwind.

We finally learn that behind his drinking is the legacy of his painful childhood, a childhood as dysfunctional as his present relationship with a woman who seems to have a bigger booze problem than he does, coupled with a violent, jealous temper. It’s a toxic combination, and in one particularly horrific scene, we see the havoc and long-lasting consequences of fuelling these psychological issues with alcohol.

This BAFTA winning film was written by Geoff Thompson, martial artist turned bouncer turned writer. It is based on a subject close to his heart – his own brother’s struggle with alcohol abuse.

Geoff Thompson’s other writing and film projects can be read about here: http://www.geoffthompsonwriter.com/

Our Time Is Up (2006)

May 11, 2014 0 comedy

Written and directed by Rob Pearlstein
Produced by Pia Clemente and Loren Mendell

Kevin Pollak stars as Doctor Leonard Stern, a very jaded psychotherapist who, learning that he is terminally ill with 6 weeks to live, decides upon a new approach in his therapy; being brutally honest with his patients. Stern’s patients exhibit a range of neuroses – fear of turtles, obsession with germs, a problem with a girl’s dress being the wrong colour. You can’t help wondering if Stern’s new type of ‘therapy’ wouldn’t also be a lot more effective in real life. Our Time Is Up has a tight script, memorable performances and slick production.